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PSDT Parent/Student Studio Policies and Rules 2017-18

Registration: Our dance year runs from August-May. There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee for all students. Registration will run through the
month of October. All applicants after this time will be considered for the following dance year. All applicants MUST complete a PSDT registration form
and the sign the policy & waiver before they can begin class. You must have a valid email address to register for PSDT.

Tuition/Payments: Your monthly tuition will depend on how many classes you register for. However, keep in mind tuition is due each month regardless if it’s a short 3 week month or a long 5 week month.  Tuition is based on the 10 month dance year and then broken down into monthly payments. So when we are closed that has already been taken into account for your monthly bill. All tuition is due by the first of each month. If we have still not received your tuition by the 15th then a $10 late fee will be added to your account. NO EXCEPTIONS. That gives you a 15 day grace period to get your tuition paid in case we are closed due to holiday, weather, etc. We accept cash, check & credit cards

Costumes: Costume deposits of $50/costume will be due on Monday September 11th. 1 hour classes will have two costumes (dance combination) 45 minute classes will have 1 costume (hip hop, tumble, cheer & tumble, beginner dance etc…). Failure to pay costume deposits will result in those costumes not being ordered for your child. Once costumes are ordered we cannot add or take away from an order. Once costumes are ordered, the costume deposit is non-refundable.

Costume Accessories: All costumes are checked thoroughly by the owners to make sure all of your pieces and accessories are in each bag. Please make sure you hang your costumes up and do not allow them to be played in or worn prior to picture week and the showcase. If one person loses an accessory we will ask each student to not wear theirs for the showcase. The goal is for all the student to match on stage.

Measurements:  We have over 20 years’ experience with measuring and ordering costumes. We order costumes based on the child’s measurements (plus room to grow) in accordance with the costume company’s guide to sizing. Costumes should be fitted and not loose. If you are unhappy with the fit of your child’s costume we will do our best to exchange it for another. However, keep in mind there is a $10 fee for any costume exchange. The parent will be responsible for any exchange fees. Please also keep in mind the availability of the costumes may be slim.

Dropping a class: If you decide to drop a class for any reason you must present that request in writing to info@pointesouthdance.com or you will continue to be charged for that class.

Studio Dress Code: Proper dance requires discipline. All dancers should be in proper attire for all classes. Dance leotards, booty shorts, sports dance tops are all approved dance attire. NO baggy t-shirts, no jeans, and no socks should be worn during class.
Shoes: A list of dance shoes required for each class will be posted on our webpage once our teaching staff makes that decision. Each class will also receive a note on what shoes you need.

FOOD & BEVERAGE:  Please do not send your child in with anything other than water. No drinks of any kind allowed in the studio rooms. Food and drinks must be kept in the homework room. This is the room on the studio 1-2 side lobby before you get to the locker room. HOWEVER, ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED ON STUDIO 3-4 side. Please be respectful of PSDT rules and policies.

Classes/Concerns: Please do not interrupt any class or teacher for any reason. If you have a concern you should see our office manager or email us directly at info@pointesouthdance.com

Observation windows: As long as it is not a distraction for classes we will open the observation windows at the end of classes. However, our main goal is to keep the focus and attention of each class.

Parking/Pick up:  Entrance for PSDT is the front parking lot entrance and not the rear. Please use the back for exit only. Always use parking spaces. Do not park along the side of the building. Please also watch your speed as we take dancers outside quite often on nice days. No child should be picked up outside. You will have to come inside to pick up your child. This is for the safety of each of our students. Safety is our top priority for our students and we do not want any child to leave the building without a parent or a teacher. Teachers do not have time to walk each child to their cars sorry. We cannot be responsible for anyone once they have left the building. Please make sure your child is aware of this rule. Please also be on time for both dropping off and picking up your child for dance.  Even when it’s raining you must pick your child up inside. Again, safety is our top priority.

Liability: Your child is participating in a physical activity where there are risks for injury. If your child has any medical condition that may limit them you should note on your registration form. PSDT will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or injury that may be sustained while on the premises or under supervisions of its instructors.

Picture week: As a courtesy to you we will bring in a photographer for group pictures and individual portraits. Individual portraits are completely optional and not required. Any concerns for pictures should be made directly to the photographer and not PSDT. Picture week will be TBA.   During picture week we do not have any class’s, only pictures. This has already been taken into account and does not change your monthly tuition.

Parades: PSDT will participate in both the Randleman and Asheboro parades. The studio will be closed during these two parades. Again, this has already been taken into account and will not change your monthly tuition. You will need to purchase a parade hoodie to participate in these parades with PSDT. If a parent wishes to walk with their child they will also need the parade hoodie in order to do so.

Yearly Showcase: showcase will be in May. Dates are TBA. Our shows are usually the Saturday before Memorial Day, however we are trying our best to change this. We have to go with what is available at the theatre. Be prepared for our show to be Memorial Day weekend.

Attendance: Attendance is taken at every class. Individual recognition will be given to those who achieve perfect attendance. Remember to be on time for classes as well. If you miss a class for any reason there is not an option to make up that class.

Snow/Bad Weather: PSDT does not make up snow days. It is rare for NC to get severe enough weather that we have to close the studio. That said, it is not impossible. Please check our FB page or our voicemail to see if we will be holding classes or not due to weather. We will make our decision by 1pm if there is bad weather. We do have kids in several different county’s so just because your school is closed does not mean the studio will close.

Returned Checks: All returned checks will be charged a $30 NSF fee. After receiving 3 NSF we will no longer accept checks but will require cash for tuition payments. Please make sure you write your child’s name on the check so we know where to apply that payment. All cash payments will receive a receipt for payment however, checks and credit cards will not. If for some reason PSDT does not have your payment down and you believe you have made you will need to provide us with the following: a receipt or check to verify your payment. If you used a credit card you can pull your statement up, print and bring that in to show proof of payment.

Etiquette: PSDT will not tolerate any disruptive behavior by students or parents. Any disruptive behavior, ridiculing of other students or parents, or use of profanity will result in immediate dismissal from classes and permanent dismissal from the studio. No refunds will be given for this type of behavior. Please be courteous to everyone at all times.

Social Media: Any photos, videos taken during PSDT classes or events attended with PSDT may be posted to our FB,website, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Negative posts about PSDT staff, students or other will result in dismissal from the studio.

EMAIL: You must have a valid email address to participate at PSDT. All information will be communicated to you directly via email. If you are not receiving emails it is your responsibility to let us know. If you want both mom and dad to receive emails you must give us an email for each. There is a space on your registration form for entering email addresses. If your email address changes you are responsible for letting us know.  PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY!


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