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COVID-19 Restrictions Below

COVID-19 Restrictions

We know our students are eager to get back to class as are we. With this we understand that we may experience
some hesitations from you. Please continue reading to see the many steps that we will be taking to insure your
child's safety.

*Our lobbies will remain closed during this time. We ask that parents stay outside or in their cars. You will use
the front/back entrance and exit doors to all studio rooms.

*Social distancing will be required. While the kids are waiting a turn on the mat they will be required to remain in
their own designated areas. We will have taped off sections in every room.

*All students and teachers will be required to wash/sanitize their hands at the beginning and end of each class.
Hand sanitizing stations will also be set up to use throughout class.

*Temperatures will be taken upon entry. No one displaying symptoms will be allowed entry. DO NOT come to class
if you have knowingly been exposed to the virus.

*Any physical contact Ie. partner tricks & students holding hands will be avoided during this time. If
necessary close contact is required it will be very limited and hand sanitizer will always be applied.

*All equipment will be cleaned and sanitized before and after every class.

*Water tanks will not be used. If your child has more than 1 class they may bring a bottled water.

*Leave your belongings at home. No backpacks, dance bags, extra clothes or food allowed. We will not be changing
shoes during classes. If they have a change of shoes they should not even bring them to class. Ballet classes
will not be required to wear ballet attire as there will be nowhere to change.

*Masks will not be required. Masks both limit airflow during cardio workouts and pose a threat while tumbling.
We encourage all of the previous guidelines instead.

These guidelines have been set and approved for us by the Wellness Administrator of Randolph County. Please
feel free to email us with any questions. As always thanks for your support!

                                    Heather & Kelly

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